1. Please ensure that you have Google Chrome / Mozilla installed in your computer.

2. All students appearing for NLE should place their Admit Cards on their desk at the time of examination.

3. Students will not be allowed to enter the examination hall more than 15 minutes after the commencement of exam.

4. During the Exam if you click on End Test Button, then NLE exam will be completed and there is no way to restart the exam. So when you are fully through with your exam, then only click the End Test Button.

5. In case of any of the following Technical errors, don't panic, just follow the instructions given below:

 - If you get the message that “You are disconnected from Server”

- Close the test window and login again then go to NLE Exam and again Click on incomplete Exam , your NLE Exam will start from where you left .

In case you get any “Server Errors”

- Close all windows and login again then go to NLE Exam and Click on incomplete Exam, your NLE Exam will start from where you left

- In Case your “System Hangs” or there is a “Power Cut”

- Try Restarting the System, open the NLE application and try clicking the Incomplete Exam.

6. In case you are not able to resolve the error or you get any other error, please don't panic, instead inform your invigilator and ask for Technical assistance or call us at our helpline number i.e. 011-43776600, 7838594590 & 8130996713.

7. Please ensure constant supply of electricity and internet facility in the examination hall during NLE time period.


  • Navigating away from your exam window, trying to open different window or closing the application deliberately
  • Taking a screen shot of your exam Screen
  • Trying to use Mobile Phones or any other Gadget during the Examination
  • Trying to attempt somebody else's exam.